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“If I commit to something, I make sure I follow up, I do
not ignore anything. I have a team, I make sure it is
happening on time, 24-seven.”

– Mohammad Basheer, Chairman of Blue Mart

As a youngster working in his father’s hardware shop, Mr. Basheer would
daydream about leaving his hometown of Koyilandy in Kozhikode, Kerala, for
the bright lights and big business deals of a cosmopolitan city.
As his childhood piggy bank grew, a seed was planted in the young Keralite’s
mind that would guide him on an inspiring journey that has culminated into a
successful supermarket and restaurant business empire in the UAE beyond his
wildest expectations.
Under his leadership the group is rapidly progressing towards being one of
the leading players in the retail and Food Chain Sector. After completing
his education from India and with years of experience in reputed Jumeirah
Group and aided by the business conductive environment created by the
Rulers of U.A.E., the group started their first operation with one
supermarket, in 2009. At present, the Group owns 28 branches including
supermarkets,hypermarkets and convenience stores. Apart from retail
sector Bluemart owns Fitness Gym, Restaurants, Health Care. The
Group turned more than Dh200 million in revenues last year and employs
more than 1,000 people. Even though the extraordinary growth of the Group
can be mainly attributed to the dedication and vision of Mr. Muhammed
Basheer and his decade of awarded customer service experience in
Jumeirah Group, but he attributes it to the dedication of his team.
While the community and the underprivileged gain from Mr. Muhammed
Basheer open heartedness and sense of social responsibility, he belief in

corporate governance means the 700 strong workforce of the Blue Mart Group
enjoy impeccable working conditions, health coverage and lifestyle options
that are exemplary and set benchmarks for leading multinational company of
the world.